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HALO® HPLC columns for UHPLC at "normal" pressure


The HALO® column allows the fast separation as in UHPLC but at "normal" pressure under 400 bar on standard HPLC instruments.

The fast separation is achieved by smaller size particles packed into the column which reduces the diffusion of solutes into and out of the stationary phase and therefore reduces peak broadening. This allows faster flow rates, fast separations and higher sample throughput. Unfortunately the smaller particles increase back pressure excessively and "fast" columns with 1.7 µm particles usually require expensive ultra-high pressure instrumentation.


The HALO® Column is based on the Fused-Core particle technology.

A porous shell is fused to a solid core particle. The shorter diffusion path of the HALO® particles reduces axial dispersion of solutes and minimizes peak broadening, which compared to a totally porous particle, allows faster flow rates.

Because of the increased separation power of the HALO® column, it can either be used for faster analysis or an improved separation

available phases:  

C18 is used to separate analytes differing in hydrophobicity

Neu: HALO® AQC18
• compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases
• different selectivity than HALO C18
• retains polar molecules more than classic C18 phases
pdf: "Discover the new HALO® AQ-C18"

to separate analytes differing in hydrophobicity but interactions on C8 phases are weaker than on C18 phases

particularly well suited for the separation of halogenated compounds, nitro-aromatic compounds and polar bases

HALO® Phenyl-Hexyl
for the separation of aromatics and unsaturated analytes

NEU: HALO® 160Å Phenyl-Hexyl
• alternative selectivity compared to HALO ES-18 and HALO ES-CN phases
pdf: "See your Peptides in a new light"

especially for the separation of samples with acidic or alkaline components

provides strong dipole-dipole interaction and weak hydrophobic binding interaction with analytes. Typically used for reversed phase separations, but can also be used as a stationary phase for HILIC and normal-phase modes of separation.

particularly recommended for the separation of highly polar analytes that are poorly retained in reversed phase mode; also recommended for LC-MS applications because of the MS friendly mobile phase conditions typically used with Penta-HILIC

HALO® 2.7 µm Fused-Core column for HPLC and UHPLC separations

Silica phase; 2.7 µm - 90Å
provides the efficiency of sub-2µm particles at "normal" pressure under 400 bar

Also available as semi-preparative columen with ID 10 mm.

HALO® 5 µm Fused-Core column for HPLC separtions

Silica phase; 5 µm - 90Å
provides the efficiency of 3 µm particles with the pressure of 5 µm particles

Also available as semi-preparative columen with ID 10 mm.

HALO® 2 µm Fused-Core column for UHPLC separation

Silica phase; 2 µm- 90Å
more than 300,000 plates per meter
higher separation power than totally porous sub-2 µm columns

HALO® BioClass Fused-Core column for the separation of peptides and proteins

HALO® Protein C4 HALO® Protein ES-C18
for the fast separation of proteins and polypeptides up to Mw 500 kDa

HALO® Peptide ES-C18 HALO® Peptide ES-CN
for the fast separation of peptidesand polypeptides up to 10 kDa and 20 kDa


Optimize EXP™ hardware and accessories
EXP = Extreme Pressure Chromatography

EXP titanium/PEEK hybrid ferrule offering repeated zero-dead-volume connections, hand-tight to 800 bar or wrench tight to 1400 bar EXP holders and cartridges with ultra-low internal swept volume and hand-tight cartridge changeover for use to 1400 bar

● EXP™ titan hybrid ferrule
● EXP™ fittings & hex head EXP™ fittings
● EXP™ pre-column Filter
● EXP™ guard cartridge holder & cartridges
● EXP™ Trap columns

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